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  • Lynnda Wardle

The Writer's Kitchen - Cooking up Stories about Food & Life - sweets!

Sept 30th, Soul Food Sisters, 202 Gallowgate, Glasgow, G1 5DS

The latest in a series of workshops exploring our wonderfully complex relationship with sugar and sweets and how they fulfill so many functions in our lives: comfort, guilt, bribery, and reward!

Chef Kawther Luay (Ruzbowl) and writer Lynnda Wardle collaborate to host another in a series of food and creative writing workshops; bringing food, memory, and experience to the table; inspiring you to connect with your senses and produce writing that is rich and full of flavour.

Beginner and more experienced writers welcome.

At the end of the session, you will have produced 3 pieces of writing to take away, and tasted some lovely home made confection too!

For further information, please contact (Lynnda Wardle)

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